ChatGPT, Midjourney, and social media influencers: AI's impact on the creator economic system

Amid all of the speak about AI changing inventive staff sooner or later, there’s maybe not sufficient discuss concerning the inventive instruments it is changing right here within the current: Instagram influencers brainstorming publish concepts with group chats, notes apps, crumpled paper and scattered Publish-It notes.

With AI taking up the position of concept turbines, the inventive course of is evolving quickly. That is as a result of, for all their weaknesses, in terms of the duties related to the sometimes-brutal work of idea-generation, AI functions have already saved creators from the headache-inducing glare of the dreaded clean web page.  

Luca Schaefer-Charlton, a Canadian TikToker with 6.7 million followers(opens in a brand new tab), Johnny Valentine, an American TikToker with 7.3 million followers(opens in a brand new tab), and Essex-born actuality TV star Chloe Veitch(opens in a brand new tab) have been all in London for an occasion when their administration determined it would be a good suggestion for the three to collaborate.

Schaefer-Charlton and Valentine have an internet following that Veitch may gain advantage from, and Veitch has relevancy that Schaefer-Charlton and Valentine may gain advantage from. 

“It simply made a ton of sense,” Jeff Duncan, CEO of the expertise company Ingenuity Stay that represents all three of the influencers, informed Mashable. 

He set them up in a WhatsApp chat and recommended that they “construct some content material collectively.” Schaefer-Charlton, Valentine, and Veitch have been all down, however they did not know what sort of content material they need to make collectively.


A lawyer used ChatGPT for authorized submitting. The chatbot cited nonexistent circumstances it simply made up

“I sat there in entrance of the WhatsApp channel for a couple of minutes, and I used to be making an attempt to provide you with some ideas that made sense,” Duncan mentioned. However he felt he was losing time creating these ideas himself — and took it to ChatGPT as an alternative.

Duncan gave ChatGPT some context about all three creators and requested the generative AI tech to provide you with social media content material for the three creators to make, specializing in the outcomes: “bridging followers from one creator to the subsequent, and creating viral methods that may have the best likelihood of getting essentially the most views.” The 20-or-so concepts ChatGPT despatched him — like working with musical buskers to create new TikTok movies or competing in a road artwork scavenger hunt — have been “superior.” He despatched the concepts to Schaefer-Charlton, Valentine, and Veitch, and the trio used the ChatGPT responses to craft a number of movies for his or her channels.

“That was an ideal instance of utilizing AI in an effort to make the content material technique smarter and provides some concepts to them,” Duncan mentioned. “Should you can provide synthetic intelligence some stage of understanding as to what you are making an attempt to perform, the content material creators can use it in an effort to make themselves simpler in what they’re making an attempt to do.”

Influencers and their groups are already utilizing generative AI — a sort of synthetic intelligence that produces content material, like ChatGPT and Midjourney. It has the potential to revolutionize the creator economic system and its two million full-time creators and 46 million amateurs(opens in a brand new tab). Generative AI may be an extremely useful — and highly effective — instrument. For now, creators and creator entrepreneurs use it predominantly for inventive ideation, like Duncan did for his expertise. 

How creators use generative AI

There are two foremost varieties of generative AI which can be getting used on-line proper now: text-focused, and visual-focused. Extra text-focused generative AI, like ChatGPT, is used precisely for what Duncan did with Schaefer-Charlton, Valentine, and Veitch. Utilizing picture turbines to create concepts would possibly appear to be a much less apparent use of AI, however they’re truly making a huge effect. 

Jordan Harrod, a analysis scientist, graduate scholar at Harvard and MIT, and creator who runs a YouTube channel(opens in a brand new tab) about synthetic intelligence, informed Mashable that she’s been utilizing Midjourney and different visual-focused generative AI instruments to assist her ideate on a picture concept that she does not have the flexibility to attract herself. She does not use your entire Midjourney picture, however will use it as a place to begin. There are additionally generative AI instruments like Opus(opens in a brand new tab) that may take an extended video — like a YouTube video — and switch it into shorter clips for TikTok or Instagram Reels. 


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“The factor that I see not being very helpful is a number of the discourse round producing content material wholesale. Like ‘I am by no means going to movie a video once more as a result of I am simply gonna generate the entire thing utilizing AI and it is gonna go viral,’” Harrod joked. “Initially, I have not seen a number of instruments which can be truly good at that. Second of all, in the event you’re going into the inventive area, you are doing it as a result of you could have concepts and also you need to create them, and also you’re in search of instruments that may allow you to do this. Not since you’re making an attempt to only generate as a lot content material time as bodily doable.”

Dave Wiskus, the founder and CEO of Nebula(opens in a brand new tab), a streaming service for creators, informed Mashable that this tech has the potential to make content material creation extra accessible.  Past concept creation, Wiskus sees use of ChatGPT and Midjourney to be a set of inventive starter instruments that may set creators up for fulfillment if they’ve uncooked expertise which will as soon as not have been put to make use of.  

“Autotune did not destroy singing: It solely made folks with a distinct form of creativity extra more likely to discover a great way to specific that creativity,” Wiskus mentioned. “Photoshop did not damage pictures. It simply made it in order that extra folks may get into pictures; it made pictures extra accessible in order that we may get higher artwork from extra artists. I believe that AI, at the very least as we perceive these instruments at this time, will give the identical impact.”

The easy reply to how generative AI impacts the creator economic system, or any job, actually, is that it saves you time. None of those instruments are excellent, but. That is why Duncan encourages his purchasers to make use of it for all the things they’ll — from discovering recipes to getting film suggestions — to get to know what it does effectively and what it does not do effectively.

“For now, my suggestion to each content material creator has been: It’s important to turn out to be the grasp of what presently exists,” Duncan mentioned. “Since you do not need to begin from floor zero when the brand new product comes out.”

The pitfalls

At the moment, generative AI remains to be fairly silly. It isn’t nice at producing complicated movies, streamlining the method of creator identification, writing something effectively on the primary go, and even developing with fully authentic concepts. And, after all, there are copyright points. And there is a worry that, as a result of so many creators are being inspired to make use of AI, they will all have the identical inventive concepts.

Rem Darbinyan, who works each within the AI world and the influencer advertising and marketing world because the CEO of SmartClick(opens in a brand new tab), an AI and machine studying options supplier, and Viral Mango(opens in a brand new tab), a micro- and nano-influencer advertising and marketing platform, informed Mashable that generative AI is an “wonderful instrument” for creators, but when everybody begins utilizing it in comparable methods, it may have an effect on the way in which creators provide you with new concepts.

“I am anticipating that it is gonna be some form of erosion of human creativity,” Darbinyan mentioned. He worries that as an alternative of exercising our inventive muscular tissues, we’ll begin utilizing instruments like ChatGPT as a crutch. “Over time, the extra we depend on AI, the much less inventive we’ll turn out to be and extra we’ll depend on AI to generate concepts.”

Darbinyan added that, after all, we do not know for certain. These instruments are extremely new, however creativity is solely one thing we should always take into account. Wiskus, for his half, is not solely certain that this type of AI truly will damage human creativity — it’d simply change it.

“The more than likely state of affairs is not that AI destroys human creativity,” Wiskus mentioned. “It will be that people — inventive people — discover new methods to make use of new instruments to specific that creativity.”

The way forward for generative AI and the creator economic system

It is fairly inarguable that generative AI is having a robust impression on the creator economic system at this time, however it’s unclear if its impression will develop stronger or keep stagnant. Generative AI, in the way in which we all know and use it at this time, is comparatively new. ChatGPT was solely formally launched on November 30, 2022, the information that powers it’s only up to date via 2021, and, as OpenAI admits(opens in a brand new tab), it has limitations together with “social biases, hallucinations, and adversarial prompts.” With every new replace, these limitations will seemingly lower.

Regardless of the potential drawbacks, utilizing generative AI saves time, opens up creators to new concepts and approaches, and, at its core, is fairly enjoyable to mess around with in the event you’re a creator. Schaefer-Charlton, Valentine, and Veitch informed Duncane that they had a number of enjoyable creating the movies ChatGPT helped them ideate on.

Duncan mentioned he does not know which of the various ChatGPT-fueled ideas the three creators in the end selected to file, and so they have not posted all the content material they took with one another but. However he says the method offered an ideal instance of how creators can work with AI to “make themselves simpler in what they’re making an attempt to do.” The creators who refuse to make use of these instruments may threat being overtaken by creators who do use AI instruments. 

However it’s essential to do not forget that that is new, it is unexplored, and, regardless of all of the fascinating work it may possibly do, AI is not a substitute for something actually significant but.

“We don’t know what’s truly gonna occur,” Harrod mentioned. “5 months in the past, nobody would have predicted what is occurring proper now. It is simply very a lot a transferring goal to attempt to make predictions on these kinds of issues.”

For now, Harrod and different creators are simply taking part in round with the instruments and seeing what they’ll create.