15 phrases we use for durations which are humorous any time of the month

Shark Week. Aunt Flo. Interval.

All of those phrases are euphemisms for one factor: menstruation. So why cannot we simply use the phrase menstruation as a substitute of all of this era slang? Effectively, there’s most likely lots of causes we’re all the time on the lookout for different phrases for interval, starting from all the things from social pressures to the concept that the phrase menstruation is just a bit bit exhausting to say.


‘Turning Purple’s portrayal of durations is a turning level for coming-of-age motion pictures

A global survey(opens in a brand new tab) performed by the well being app Clue discovered that there are greater than “5,000 completely different slang/euphemistic expressions and phrases for durations: from the light English ‘Aunt Flo,’ to the dramatic French ‘Les Anglais ont debarqué’ – ‘the English have landed.’”

As well as, the survey concluded, “French and English have been the 2 most artistic languages, and France and China have been the 2 international locations during which most individuals had heard euphemisms getting used (91%). Against this, solely half of Costa Ricans had heard any euphemisms.”

Although there is not any purpose to be afraid of the phrases “interval” or “menstruation,” we nonetheless prefer to get a little bit artistic — and it is virtually a language by itself.

It really makes “that point of the month” virtually bearable. Nearly.

So right here they’re, 15 different phrases for interval:

1. Go to from Aunt Flo

2. On the Rag

3. Girl Enterprise

Illustration of a woman beneath the text

Interval slang: Girl enterprise
Credit score: Vicky Leta, Alisa Stern, Mashable

4. That Time of the Month

5. The Purple Badge of Braveness

6. Moon Time

Illustration of a moon with the text

Interval slang: Moon Time
Credit score: Vicky Leta, Alisa Stern, Mashable

7. Crimson Tide

8. Checking Into the Purple Roof Inn

Illustration of someone sinking in a red liquid with the text

Interval slang: Purple Wedding ceremony
Credit score: Vicky Leta, Alisa Stern, Mashable

10. Lady Flu 

12. Mom Nature’s Reward

Illustration of a nude woman with flowers in her hair, next to the text "Mother Nature's Gift."

Interval slang: Mom Nature’s Reward
Credit score: Vicky Leta, Alisa Stern, Mashable

13. The Purple Baron

14. Driving the Cotton Pony

15. Shark Week

An illustration of a shark eating the text

Interval slang: Shark Week
Credit score: Vicky Leta, Alisa Stern, Mashable

UPDATE: Could. 23, 2023, 5:05 p.m. AEST This text was initially revealed Aug. 2018, and has since been up to date Could 2023.

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