'Succession' finale: Right here's each ingredient within the Roys' 'meal match for a king'

Three people, two men and a woman, pour ingredients into a blender.

We had been served numerous high quality Roy sibling time within the Succession sequence finale episode, from the nice to the very, very ugly — however nothing fairly so adorably cosy because the snack-session anointment ceremony Logan Roy’s trio of enfant terribles dubbed A Meal Match For A King.

Clearly drawing on some form of childhood hazing custom, a kind of juvenile culinary Boar on The Ground, the “meal” takes place within the kitchen of the Caribbean trip house occupied by Kendall, Shiv, and Roman’s mom Caroline the night time earlier than the climactic board assembly.


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Having determined to band collectively once more as a voting bloc, challenged one another time and again to make the case for their very own solo ascendancy as CEO, and at last agreed on the evitability of huge brother Ken, the three youthful Roy siblings march into the kitchen to “anoint” him with “a job”. Roman suggests a spoonful of cinnamon; Kendall demurs, saying “that is what they made Lee Iacocca do when he took over at Ford”. (A fast Google revealed no such piece of lore on the document.)

Then Shiv has a brainwave — “Meal match for a king?” — and with Roman’s assent, fetches the blender, whereas the youngest Roy raids the fridge for “one thing disgusting”. The idea even has a raggedy however regal theme tune of kinds, which Smiling Kendall mimes conducting from atop a bench.

So what goes right into a Meal Match For A King?

We counted up the substances and have a recipe… of kinds.

What went in:

  • No less than a cup of 0% milk

  • A little bit Tabasco

  • A whole lot of Tabasco (there are two bottles on the counter)

  • A bag of “frozen knobbies” (the loaf ends of sliced bread, which Caroline’s husband and CEO darkish horse candidate Peter apparently “does not like” and so are stashed within the freezer)

  • A complete egg, shell and all

  • A fist-sized gobbet of sunflower oil unfold

  • A really hefty dusting of cocoa powder

  • A heaping spoonful of Branston pickle (a chutney-like British condiment)

Mix the above, and serve garnished with a maraschino cherry and a teaspoon or so of Shiv’s spit.

Additionally on the counter, however by no means proven being added to the blender, had been the next, which we suggest* tweaking extra quantities of to style:

An open can of Heinz baked beans

A packet of sliced honey ham

A bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing

The thriller orange sizzling sauce (maybe an area specialty?)

Positively not within the smoothie:

Peter’s particular cheese, completely licked by Roman.

*For authorized causes, we don’t in reality suggest any of this. Apart from…

What the Roys might have made as an alternative

As my home’s resident snack wizard, this isn’t a troublesome one.

A skinny coating of the sunflower unfold (combined with a wee dollop of ranch for flavour) on the bready facet of the “knobbies”, end-side insides unfold with Branston pickle and topped with some stealthy un-licked slices of Peter’s particular cheese, a little bit of ham, a spoonful of baked beans, somewhat Tabasco and/or orange sizzling sauce; whack that stack in a sizzling frying pan or a panini press for a couple of minutes, and you’ve got a pleasant, filling, very British grilled cheese sandwich, full with additional protein and a spicy kick.

Does it have the very HBO visible punch of Roman dumping the brown royal sludge over Kendall’s head? Probably not, no. however possibly the board assembly would have gone somewhat higher for the boys if the hungry pregnant woman had had one thing correct to eat.