'The Flash' remaining trailer teases Supergirl destroying dangerous guys

A close-up of a woman wearing a red superhero costume.

The ultimate trailer for The Flash is right here, and alongside the photographs of Michael Keaton’s Batman we noticed within the second trailer and the time journey storyline teased within the first, we additionally get slightly bit extra Supergirl.

Within the clip above Kara Zor-El (Sasha Calle) groups up with Barry Allen (Ezra Miller, who faces numerous allegations) and Batman (Keaton) to tackle Normal Zod (Michael Shannon), who seems to be intent on destroying the world.

Supergirl, who deftly kicks the stuffing out of a number of dangerous guys within the clip above with out breaking an excessive amount of of a sweat, is clearly going to be a helpful ally.

The Flash hits theaters June 15.